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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cervical Cancer – Cured in Dok Alternatibo!

Here is the testimony of our Survivor who is a Successful Business Woman NOW “I am Herminia Mantillano, 35 years old housewife-business woman from Pahak Lapu-lapu City. Before I got here in Dok Alternatibo I’ve been to major operation in my uterus. I have gestational trophoblastic neoplasia – Stage 3. The doctor said that a major operation was the only solution and then chemotherapy. Actually, I have finished 6 sessions of chemotherapy and right after that I went back to my old habit of eating my favorite foods. After a month, I go for a laboratory test and then I learned that my cancer cells have been reactivated and worse part is that it affects my liver that resulted in metastatic liver disease – stage 4.” “After I undergone the operation, it came to my knowledge that indeed, I had a cervical cancer and it is already in Stage 3. It affected my lungs and liver that is why it reached to Stage 4 because it also damaged my other organs.” “My doctor feel so sorry about my condition since is an OB-Gyne/Oncologist by profession and my problems regarding my other organs are definitely out of her practice. So, she refers me to another doctor. My initial reaction was to feel hopeless as if I was told to keep still and wait for the day of my death. I am very much bothered and weary, I have sleepless nights and thought that I am toxic. I promised myself not to undergo chemotherapy again no matter what. I always pray to God to help me survive this dilemma of mine because I already suffered too much and running out of my savings.” “I remember during those times, I don’t have much feeling towards my family, the emotional feeling was gone, I don’t have appetite and I feel so weak. I pity myself; I don’t like watching myself in front of the mirror or even watching TV because sometimes I could see myself. Now that I am here at Dok Alternatibo, I religiously followed their formula and today I am on my eight months, glory to God, I could say to myself that there is “hope”. “ “My acquaintances could actually testify that what is my look today is far more opposite to what they have known of me before when I am still suffering from my illness. People refrained of asking how things happened; I told them that I just did the Doktor Alternatibo way and I praise God that he brought me here.” “This testimony of mine is logical and realistic because it’s true that I felt better after I followed the Formula of Dok Alternatibo you are free to view my photos before I took their formula and after I am done with it.” “So now I am calling the attention of everyone who are reading this particularly for those who are suffering from different types of Cancer disease/s, we must be thankful to God at this moment because of the presence of Dok Alternatibo that served as an instrument of God to solve degenerative disease/s specifically Cancer.” “After I finished my cleansing formula and noticed the great change in my physique, I pay attention to my income generation aspect.” “First of all, I am very much thankful and proud to say that I have invested in Dok Alternatibo’s livelihood program, which helped me a lot in my financial problem after I spent a lot with operations and other treatment that I made when I was still suffering from my disease. I have invested 15 heads and I am also a member of this first ELITE group.” “I benefited a lot here, first of all the progress in our livelihood, secondly the help that we extend to our fellowmen who were cured after taking the products not only our coffee but also all other products particularly the health and beauty products.” “It really helped my family a lot; there is no word to express my feeling of gratitude I am just being happy and thankful that I made it to this livelihood program of Dok Alternatibo aside from healing my Cancer it also alleviate our income.” “To all the people who may read this, try Dok Alternatibo products regardless of your status either rich or poor if you want to improve financially, there is always a category of your choice.” “Once again I am Herminia Mantillano, from Pahak Lapu-lapu City, 35 years old.”

Bone Cancer of Kurt Bringas From Bringas Brothers of PGT Season 3 – Cured in Dok Alternatibo

Here comes the Testimony of Mr. Kurt Bringas from the Bringas Brothers of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3 who survived from the illness called Ewing Sarcoma Bone Cancer by just using the Dok “F” formula of Dok Alternatibo. “I am Kurt Bringas of the Bringas Brother in Pilipinas Got Talent season 3, I am 25 years old and I have Ewing Sarcoma Bone Cancer.” “My health problem started when I was 19 and then I was diagnosed for a bone disease, the “Ewing sarcoma” it was the reason from those medical doctors who cut my left leg and gave me a month to live. They said, they have found multiple lump, so many lumps and then I was diagnosed the second time and undergone series of chemotherapy, I guess I have reached seven times of chemotherapy sessions. But I always felt that I never got better each day so, my discouragement was always there and just like an empty boat.” “ I just let God roll wherever He wishes me to be and maybe I was just a little bit lucky when God answered all my prayers to Him by leading me to Dok Alternatibo. I only heard of it over the radio and tarpaulins I saw everywhere leading me to a branch in our locale. Just like anybody else’s who wishes to feel better, I am also longing for a cure of my disease. “ “One morning, I uttered a sigh and seriously talked to my parents, I told them to go there make some inquiry, ask about their procedures, what treatment is good for me and stuff like that. Over the radio I heard people who are making personal testimonies saying they’ve been cured, all products are natural and the procedure is in alternative way of healing. I wanted to try because I want to be cured totally. Just like I expected, my parents came back from Dok Alternatibo and I saw in their face, the happiness, the hope we were longing from the past and I was so excited to hear from them the good news. “ “When I was hospitalize and undergone series of chemotherapy sessions. There was a segment on that radio program wherein listeners could send text messages and the anchor will also reply. That was the time that I listened to it every night around 6:00 pm (not sure) in Digos City local radio station. One time, I sent a text message regarding my disease and it seems that the advices they gave are quite impressive so, I secretly followed their advice and I guess that was the reason why I still exist up to this moment, as we speak. “ “Dok “F” Fulvic Minerals brought a great change in me not only physically but more so with my daily life because it became a part of me every day, it helps me bring back my positive perspective in life because every day is like I wanted to wake up and immediately drink for it because I wanted to be cured. The feeling is like every day is my birthday because I always feel excited to start my day with it. I know I got healed each day as I always desire to reach for a drink.” “The Medical doctors have told me that I only have a month to live but God is good, HE leads me to Dok Alternatibo and this is the reason why until now I still exist.” “If you do not believe in alternative medicine and you really think conventional medicine is appropriate, well good luck to you. If you are a cancer patient and you think there is no cure for your disease, well there is hope and there is an answer that is the natural way of healing of Dok Alternatibo. I am a living proof that Dok Alternatibo formula is very effective, very safe, no side effects all natural and organic. If I need to say this a thousand times, I will be glad to do so because it’s not that I am calling you to try but I want you to ”shift” from conventional way to Dok Alternatibo way so that you will also experience their natural way of treatment. “ “Of course my unending thanks to the Lord for answering my prayers, to my parents also which are very supportive. Thank you Dok Alternatibo for being God’s answer in curing my sickness, and of course thank you Dok Edgar Delibo who invented all the formula to give hope and cure to any kind of diseases especially cancer in which other people may think that there is no cure anymore. Again, thank you Dok Alternatibo for being so nice to me and for being the only way of treating my disease.”

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Normita Tiongco, Housewife – Diabetes

Normita Tiongco, Housewife – Diabetes “I am diabetic and I felt very weak everyday. I once told my husband that maybe I would bid farewell to you because I am not getting better each day. You know what, maybe my husband felt pity on me that one day he said to me “ma, get dressed there is something we will attend to”. I have no idea where he’s going to take me but one thing I remember he said “trust me and you will surely like it there”. So, I realized my husband took me here at Dok Alternatibo. I took the Formula of Dok Alternatibo, just faithfully following the formula. Of course, I trust first of all the power of our Almighty Father and second in Dok Alternatibo. I firmly believe that Dok Alternatibo is very effective that is why if you have illnesses, I encourage you to come and try their formula. There is something I want to share, every time I meet an acquaintance especially when he/she is ill, I always refer them to Dok Alternatibo and often told him/her that he/she will get healed provided that the formula is strictly followed.”